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From a Retuers article that makes me spin my head like the girl from the Exorcist.

It seems that a Big National Realtor is taking it’s marketing strategy straight from the car companies. “For Ten Days Only, It’s The National Sales Event.” As a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Business, I have a MBA in marketing and I just can’t get my head around this one. Here’s why: Macy’s or Toyota will have these “clearance days”. They are probably quite successful. But the difference is… are you listening….. Toyota actually sells its own product!!! Big National Realtor wants to sell more houses and thereby make more money by having the customer reduce the price….by 10%!!!

I would love to be a fly on the wall for this one… Hi Mr. & Mrs. Seller. This is your John. …John, your real estate agent….Well good to talk to you again. Hey I was wondering, see, Big National Realtor is having this national sales event to try to get some of our listings sold. Would you mind reducing the price of your house by 10%? ….SILENCE…..Mr. & Mrs. Seller? Are you there?……Yes, I know I told you that we could get more for your home. Yes, I understand that’s why you chose me and my company. Look times have changed and our corporate marketing staff has decided that 10% would be a good number….Cut my commission instead??? I am working hard to market your house. It’s just overpriced now. We did that market analysis three months ago….Yes, I guess it was overpriced then too. I really want to sell your house. The fact is the market has changed and if you want to sell it, you’ll have to sign the price reduction papers…Yes, I can bring over a withdrawal form instead. In fact I’ll drop one in the mail to you now.

I can’t make this stuff up. This leads me to believe that is marketing program is attacking one of the following
1) The Sunshine Up The Butt Theory: Agents are taking overpriced listings just to get them.
2) School Teacher Theory: Named for part time agents who are less competent in pricing a listing.
3) David Copperfield Theory. Agents take the listing and disappears. Only to reappear for price reduction.
4) Blame It On The Seller Theory. It’s the customers fault. Agent has begged for price reductions to meet the changing market but the seller won’t budge. The most popular theory within industry ranks. But it really does hold up. Agents should be getting away from these sellers. They waste time and resources that could be spent on clients interested in selling.

Meanwhile. I wonder if I need a coupon for this sale? Think I’m making it up? email me and I’ll send you the link.

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