Your Bike or Your House.

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I love the great commercial with the guy who gets on the bus and says he’s some rich guy from some small third world country and can you send a give him some money to unlock his fortune and share it with you….the ad being for online scams and if you won’t fall for it in the real world why would you be scammed on line…. It seems to be working. People are being more cautious online. yet…

When it comes to the real world, they leave it to chance. Sellers if you leave a lock box on your property and it is not one that records who has been entering the code, you and your stuff is at risk. The truth is that lock boxes get abused. Agents don’t put the keys back or they don’t get closed properly. If there is no tracking, there is no one to blame. Ummm sorry Mr & Mrs. Seller the keys are gone…. No I don’t know who took them…. Sleep well tonight.

Thieves cut locks of bikes worth a couple of hundred dollars and here your agent goes and puts a key to your home right in plain sight. If it is a cheap lock box, clip snip and there goes your laptop.

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