You Are The Boss

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Back from 10 days of needed vacation. With a fresh perspective and fresh insight…..

Sometimes you’re so close to something that you can’t see the forest through the trees. Buyers and sellers sometimes get this way. Take this story I just heard today from a buyer who was closing on an out of town property. (not my client) She had a closing date and was going to do the walk through in the morning and there is the seller still not moved out. Now her agent tells her it is no big deal and her lawyer says they can put some money in escrow in case the seller damages something on the way out. (turns out the seller could only put $2000 in escrow). I think the agent and the lawyer did their client a disservice.

The buyer could have just pushed off the close. (and the seller really needed to close that day) Maybe pushed it off a week. (The buyer did not need to move for a few weeks.) I bet the seller would have found a way to put more in escrow and thrown in a few hard dollars to boot. It’s not being nasty, it’s business.

My point is this: When a buyer/seller goes beyond the bounds of reasonableness and tries to take advantage of a situation or the niceness of the other party, that’s when you slam them. The agent just wants to close. The lawyer just wants to close….and they want you to get stuck with the inconvenience….I bet if the lawyer was the buyer or the agent was the buyer, they wouldn’t just be saying no problem.

You are the boss. It is your signature on the check. They work for you.

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