Who Is To Blame?

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Here is an ironic story. So I showed a condo last night. A nice condo, pretty well priced. It’s got parking and is in a newer elevator building. Today I went to do some research on the comps for a client and this condo doesn’t come up in my search. hmmmm……So I search by address and there it is. Lo and behold, the agent forgot to indicate that there’s an elevator. Oooops. The seller is going to be pissed. Fewer search results=fewer showings=fewer offers=lower price. Now for those of you who saw the video that I posted on Timothy Geithner, you will appreciate this. (If you haven’t seen it. STOP. watch the video in the August 25th post.)

The agent is the seller. AND the agent is using the Self Posted MLS listing. Now if you are going to go around your broker and list it yourself, do it right. The agent didn’t double check the listing and now the seller is paying for it.

I’d like to be at that dinner table when the seller realizes the mistake and chews out the agent for costing him money. Maybe the seller should get a fulltime agent?

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