Which Hotel Shopper Are You?

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So I am planning the family trip this summer down to North Carolina. And whenever I go anywhere, I always plan to stop along the way and smell the roses. (except off of the NJ Turnpike) These olfactory pit stops usually include a stay at a hotel or two along the way to our ultimate destination.

Now searching the travel site, there’s a lot to choose from in today’s economy. The cheapskate in me always looks to the bargains. $60…$50…$40 per night, Wow. I’m only going to be there to sleep. Sounds great….until I read the reviews. One reviews said there were crickets in the room. Now the kids might think, that’s cool…… until they see one.

So I start digging around. I am on vacation after all. Turns out that we have a trip planned to an amusement park along the way. And there’s a super plush hotel nearby having a special that includes the admission passes. So when I back out the cost I was going to pay for the passes, I get this palace sans crickets for $85 a night. One good night’s sleep. One I know they won’t lose my reservation. One I know someone will be working when I pull in at 2am. And one I know I won’t be taking any extra critters home. All for the a tenth of one percent of the overall cost of my vacation.

So what kind of home buyer are you? Do you want to live in the No-Tel Mo-Tel, or can you realize that a little more and some creative vision puts you in Plushville?

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