Where Are The Keys?

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American Patriot Patrick Henry had it right. He just didn’t understand the ramifications. As a follow up to the Hoboken keys entry a while back, here’s this weekend’s installment.

Picking up keys at a mom and pop realtor in town, I was told…

1. We have two sets of keys but they are on the same key ring and are out with an agent who had an appointment hours before.

2. After calling said agent, the overwhelmed front desk person says that the agent gave them to another agent but there is no record of it.

Should the seller who is paying thousands of dollars in commissions be more upset by
1. Agents with willing and able buyers can’t show the unit
2. There are keys to the unit floating around with no ability to trace them.

A note to Patrick Henry. If relying on mom and pop realtor to sell your condo, all roads lead to Rome.

Hoboken Condos 2007:
December numbers
sold/under contract 58
information deemed reliable

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