When The Circus Comes To Town

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I went to the greatest show on earth today. It strikes me that some.. no make that nearly all… of the performers are so good at what they do that it looks easy enough to try at home. You get a little bored and start waiting for the tigers. Until you really stop and and look at it… there’s a guy balancing another guy on his leg or there’s a woman standing on her toes on a guy’s shoulder. These aren’t even the complex tricks. Try them at home. Make sure you have Aflac first though.

Realtors are the same way. umm. good realtors are the same way. It looks easy. Clients sometimes want refunds because they don’t think I’ve worked hard enough. They don’t see the magic because the training and preparation are all done behind the scenes. All they see is a buyer walking through the door giving them an acceptable price in a workable time frame. In fact, there’s a whole industry built around getting listings from For Sale By Owners who thought it is as easy as we make it seem.
Back to the tigers…. Seems pretty easy, right. The tigers come in. You crack a whip. The tigers dance around. You crack a whip. The tigers go out. For anybody thinking they should pay the tiger tamer less, remember one thing: There’s a cage around those tigers and it ain’t for show.

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