Want A Good Deal. Think Salt.

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It used to be there were no good deals in Hoboken or they all were good deals (depending on how you looked at it). When a client asks me to find them a good deal, it really needs to be qualified.

There are fair deals. A properly priced property where a buyer might get 2 or 3 % off of the ask. Then there are good deals. A good deal to me is where the property needs a little salt. Add a little something and that little something then turns into a whole lot more instant equity. For example, a unit with an attic space that turns a one bed one bath into a two bed/two bath or a two bed one bath that turns into a 3 bed, two bath. These are easy equity plays that are Hoboken’s good deals. But buyers be prepared, usually it requires extra cash for the renovations and the headaches that contractors bring.
There is no free lunch.

Hoboken Condos 2008
Lowest Priced 2 Br With Parking
Active $485k , 780 sqft
Sold $470k, 918 sqft
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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