Top 5 Way To Get Your Bid Accepted

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Believe it or not, I’ve had several clients who have lost out in a multiple bid situation. Bidding War would be too strong of a term since it connotes, the go go days of several years ago where above ask was the norm and fiscal restraint was as popular as the swine flu.

In today’s multiple bid scenarios, seller’s want more assurances. Here’s my top five recommendations to increasing the strength of your bid without increasing the price.

5) Include a personal letter. No not about the kids and the dog, but about facts that don’t show through on the offer which will put the seller at ease. For example, if your spouse has a different legal name. yes you’re married and not two single people. or you just got a promotion at work.

4) Fast Attorney Review: Have your attorney on alert and offer to have the attorney review concluded same day.

3) Pre-Schedule The Home Inspection: Have your home inspection scheduled when you present the offer. Another sign you are serious.

2) Provide Proof Of Funds: Any deposit should be backed up by bank statements.

1) Waive The Mortgage Contingency: This sounds risky, but and here’s the rub, if you work with a reputable mortgage company and get all of your paperwork in up front, you’ll have a high level of confidence that the mortgage will be done.

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