Tomato Garden

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Before you read any further. NO. I am not making this up. There is section of town where as reported on, tomatoes are growing out of raw sewerage. As a property marketer, I am quick to spin this story to my seller’s benefit. Thus, the area by First and Marshall (backside of The Sky Club) shall now be referred to as Tomato Garden or TOGA for short.

Buyers, please keep the following in mind when looking in TOGA.

1. You won’t have to walk all the way to Washington St. for the farmers market.

2. You really can’t smell anything above the first floor.

3. If you live high enough up, you won’t see anything either.

4. You know where the fertilizer is coming from.

5. Start worrying only when 500lb pumpkins block the light rail.

So if there is a get together at the Sky Club and some one from Zephyr Lofts attends, does one say? “There’s always at least one A-Ho at every TOGA party.” I know Paul D will.

Hoboken Condos 2008:
TOGA Active 15
information deemed reliable

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