Tip #2 For Out Of State Buyers

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Kittys Back.

Less than 2 Hours from Philly, The Poconos, Stamford, and The Catskills: Hoboken. How different can it be?

Tip #2 For Out Of State Buyers

Use a Local Hoboken Real Estate Lawyer.

You will not save money using your brother in-law in Trenton who specializes in bankruptcy. You will not save money using your personal attorney from the city. The only way to get a deal done right is to use the local guys who know the ins and outs, know each other, and keep the deal moving forward.

My clients have lost properties because they thought they could save money by using an out of town lawyer. Other clients have been able to close on time because the local lawyer had connections to “massage” some last minute municipal hiccups.

In Case of Emergency Break Glass. If you don’t head this advice, you may feel like using this hammer on yourself.

HOBOKEN condos 2007

The November Numbers

Two Berdrooms

New Actives: 53

Sold & Under Contract 37

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