They Don’t Build Them Like That Anymore

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There was a time when cruising down the street in your 77 Caddy, getting 8 mpg, meant you could bang into a small lamp post and not have a scratch. These days your someone sneezes next to your $60k Lexus and it looks like it has been hit by a mortar shell… That brings us to the rebuilt Hoboken Terminal Clock Tower. Rebuilt to sustain winds of 120mph. Now if that Cat 3 Hurricane barrels up the east coast, not only will half of Hoboken be under water, but The Clock Tower will topple into the Hudson….I wonder if some crazy weather man will be out there getting footage as is creaks and then breaks. Not doubt some part will be sticking up out of the water as a grim reminder, reminiscent of the Planet Of The Apes.

Now the part of Hoboken underwater….Buyers: Look around when buying a “garden level” condo. Are there wood floors or tile? If there’s tile, beware. Ask to see the drain system. Have your home inspector make sure there are dedicated redundant systems. (Now I doubt that any of this is going to save you from the hurricane waters, but it will help with yearly once in a lifetime down pours.) Bottom line, spend a little extra on a good home owners policy, know the name of a good public adjuster, and store your really important items up high in water proof containers.
Heed the advice or have your time machine ready to “Save the clock tower”.

Hoboken Condos 2008
1 Br 160
2 Br 300
3 br 51
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