The Yankees Are Good For Hoboken

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No. I’m not talking about the fact that the same Hobokenites that urinate in doorways on St. Patrick’s day are prone to spend more money in the local watering holes, spend more money on disorderly conduct tickets, spend more money on needless hats, t-shirts, key chains, and beer coolers emblazoned with an NY. Albeit great for the local economy….

I’m talking about perceived value. Here’s the perception…Things just cost more in NY. For example, the Yankees spent $208 million in payroll this season. They win a championship. Kansas City has a baseball team too. They spend about $81 million on players. They don’t win, ever. NY can afford it. They can afford their nearest competitor (the team in Queens) by nearly 50%.

Houses just cost more too. I went on to today and found a sweet 1850 sqft, 2br,2bath, parking, elevator, terrace, right downtown Kansas City….$424K Seems about right. Since you can get 700sqft one bedroom in Hoboken for the same price.

I guess this is all good when you retire and move to Kansas City. You’ll have enough extra money to fly back and see the Championship parade once every nine years.

Though I can’t help but think all of this reminds me of my crazy uncle BG. Growing up, BG would come over every Christmas Day. BG lived with my grand parents. Always lived with my grandparents. Never held a steady job, never had a girlfriend. Someone you might find on an episode of Criminal Minds as the “unsub” (unidentified subject, who was deranged and did something so unspeakable that it gives you nightmares). BG would buy all of his own Christmas gifts with his parents money. He would wrap them up. He would cart them over to our house. (The gifts always included heavy heavy crates of oranges and grapefruits.) We would help him carry everything in. BG would unwrap his gifts in front of everyone. Did I already mention he wrapped them himself? We would then help him load the crates back into the car…. Ahh the good ol days. …so here I am watching Hank and Hal unwrap the gift that they bought with Dad’s money, wrapped themselves, and carted to my TV…. making everyone watch and act surprised. … I think I’ll have another glass of eggnog.

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