The Total Cost Of Ownership.

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As the spring market wraps up (Usually I’ll wait until July 4th to call it a wrap, but how is anyone going to argue that we haven’t fast forwarded to August. All of those people who took Shore vacations in early June to get a break on price are big winners.), I am projecting sunny days ahead.

Here’s my logic: If people are trading in their giant gas gulping SUVs to save some coin, they have to start to look at the toal cost of ownership. I have a friend that recently purchased in Monroe township (exit 8A off the turnpike). I calculated that it would cost me $5000 a year extra in gas to commute to Hoboken from there. That like a month’s worth of Hoboken property taxes when the state gets through balancing the budget. Seriously, it’s like two months…. no no really seriously, it’s enough money that buyers are going to start coming back from the burbs. Cut down to one car. Drive less. Instead of paying money to the oil companies, it’s better to pour equity into your home.

It doesn’t hurt as much if your taxes go up because there’s always someone you can vote out of office. If gas hits $10/gallon what can we do? cry to the Europeans? There’s a reason they drive those little toy looking cars… and it’s not because they like to carpool with someone who doesn’t use deodorant on a regular basis.

Hoboken Condos 2008
Spring Market
Sold march 1- june 10th
1 Br 94
2 br 112
3 br 13
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