The Scariest Costume

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Want to scare the Beejesus out of people today? Come as The Hoboken Tax Man.

Taxes. Taxes. Taxes. Are they going up? yes. By how much? when someone really knows, please tell me. Real numbers please: By what percent are my overall taxes going to increase?
The $64,000 question: Will if affect my home value.

On one hand. Yes. If the cost of ownership remains constant and taxes go up, the price must come down.

On the other hand. Maybe not. Lots of buyers don’t really look at the tax number. They look at the big bad mortgage number. (Your mortgage person looks at the tax number.) So if you are at the top of your range, you will have to get a lower price, but if you are in the middle of your range, the buyer will probably bite the bullet.

I am sooo mad that Mike Bloomberg is running for mayor of NYC again. He would be perfect for Hoboken. Imagine if Mike moved to Hoboken. (He can afford it.) Runs for Mayor and wins. Bam the corruption is swept out. Does Mike have a brother.
Well the point is: until the fine citizens who actually pay the taxes in this town take it back from the cronies who think its their right to pay a small fraction of the property taxes of newer condo dwellers, we take it in the shorts. Isn’t there some out of work hedge fund manager with too much money and too much time that wants to be mayor. Heck I would even promise to support the following on his Honor’s webpage….The White Knight” is a fierce advocate for the Hoboken property taxpayer, and he works diligently to promote responsible government spending, consistently reviewing budgets and identifying ways to provide better, more efficient and more cost effective city services.” Hmmm. I just plagiarized that, now where did I get that? Must’ve been Bloomberg’s own website.

Where have you gone Mike Bloomberg? Hoboken turns its lonely eyes towards you……

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