The Problem With Rentals

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Yet another system that is broken. At least its not something important like balancing a budget or social security. This little system is the rental market right here in Hoboken. Anyone who has tried to rent an apartment or looked for tenants knows what I’m talking about.

Renters filling out countless information forms at each real estate agency only to find that they have few or no apartments in their target. Renters endlessly going from agency to agency and there are a lot of them.

Renters tip: Call before you look. Setup an appointment with a realtor for the next day. Treat it like its important. Please don’t just show up at an office and expect to see a bunch of apartments.

Landlords have it no better. They trek to each agency touting their apts. ugh.

Why is the system this way? Agents aren’t doing a very good job educating the landlords about putting the rentals on the MLS. I’ve even heard some agents say they don’t want to put rentals on the MLS because they want the whole fee for themselves.

For landlords, MLS is the only way to go. One company has the keys, one point of contact. Everyone from the smallest to the biggest agency can show your apartment.

For renters, MLS is the only way to go. One stop shopping.

Now if healthcare were this easy, I’d be the Columbia alum running for President.

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