The Open House Hobbyist

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When holding an open house, one questions I almost always ask is if the person has seen a lot of places. It helps qualify the person and gives me some context about what information they might find valuable. Well, this weekend I ran into a person who told me they have been to over sixty open houses! That’s six zero.

Now Miss Sixty it turns out has a parent that is an out of town realtor. I guess instead of working with a Hoboken agent and having dad get a referral fee, Miss Sixty will spend years of weekends on the hunt. Sixty is a lot of homes not to have found one to buy. Although on a small percentage of homes even have an open house, so maybe she is just missing her target.

If I had time for a hobby, I think it might be model trains. What’s Miss Sixty going to do after she finds a place? All that free time?

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