The ONE thing every seller must do

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Who has a knife? $50 for a knife.

Can you hear Monty’s voice?

Seller Alert: Stop your agent from sticking the knife in your back. Here’s how.

When you fill out the MLS form, put the following sentence in the remarks section. (This is the section that only other realtors see. It makes us look smart when we say…be careful there’s a small dog in the unit and his name is Atlas or it’s parking spot number 12.)

“In the case when there are multiple bids on the unit, Seller will directly contact Buyer’s agent with confirmation of your client’s offer via fax or email. Please provide contact info.”

What’s the big deal? Well, here’s one of lifes situation where the seller can be robbed and never even know it. And it happens. And it’s illegal. If the seller is doing business over the phone, they may never see the actual offer. Instead, the seller relies on his agent. Now if that agent has represents a buyer too…

Just protect yourself unless you always wanted a goat.
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