The ONE thing every buyer must know

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Pricing is based on Square Footage. ( A real shocker.)

All other things accounted for, the bigger the place, the higher the sale price.

Every buyer should demand before the end of attorney review either:

1) a copy of the tax records with the square footage listed


2) a copy of the stamped architecture plans submitted to the city.

Protect youreslf. Sellers make mistakes, realtors make mistakes.

I’ve tracked properties where the square footage on the MLS print outs goes up and down from sale to sale and I can assure you the condo is not expanding and contracting with the seasons. This costs the buyer money. Get it right and in writing. 25 square feet at $500/sqft is a $12,500 mistake out of your pocket. That goes a long way to paying realtor fees when you sell.

Floor plans are not the same. Any 10 year old with software can make one. When in doubt call the architect or tax office.

HOBOKEN condos 2007

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sold/uc 17
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