The Micro Mini

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Nano Housing Comes to Hoboken. A new two bedroom condo just came to market that’s under 500 sqft. I checked the tax records. Listed as a two bedroom. Now a bedroom has to have a window and a closet to be a bedroom. How can a bedroom have a closet and be a closet at the same time? All you philosophy majors out there please respond.

Top Five Reason Buyers Might Be Interested In The Micro Mini.
5) Always wanted a separate space for a home office.
4) Don’t want to socialize with roommate.
3) Tired of friends sleeping on the living room couch.
2) Saves money on furniture.
and the number one reason…
1) Won’t get tired going over to the refrigerator.

It’s a small world after all.

Hoboken Condos 2008
Two Bedrooms under 600 sqft
Active 4
under contract 1
sold 1
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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