The McDonald’s Approach

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Buyers love new construction. Buyers who want to buy new construction should always have an agent before walking into the sales office. Let me say this again. Buyers should always have a sales agent before walking into a sales office. Pick one out of the phone book if you have to.

The order takers in the sales office work for the seller. THEY WORK FOR THE SELLER. Not you. The seller. They will give you fancy coffee, soda, bottled water, candy etc. They will show you around the models. But the are essentially order takers. See these folks get a flat rate with a small commission. They work for fancy companies who promise the developer an on site staff. These sales companies ofter have grandiose names. They really should be called the McDonald’s of Condo Sales, Marketing Midgets, Buy What We Want To Sell, or some other name that best describes they’re sales philosophy.

In the boom times, this approach made sense. Hire order takers and process the next person in line. McDonald’s is very good at this. You want a cheeseburger the way they make it…Like 10 seconds later its in the bag… Same way as the last one you ate, same one as you got in Iowa two weeks ago. In today’s market, buyers want more, they want extras, they want customization, they want extra cheese no pickles. This is where the order taker breaks down. These sales staffs work for the burger maker. Without an agent (who costs you nothing) there’s not one to make sure you get what you want. You’re at the whim of a seller’s agent.

Ever gone through the drive thru. You get your bag, make sure there’s a straw and napkins, you pull back on the highway, open up your burger and they screwed it up? You curse but you’re stuck. Don’t get stuck on your new construction. Bring an agent.

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