The Biggest Secret Real Estate Agencies Don’t Want Buyers To Know

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You’ve been there before. There’s someone actually going the speed limit on the New Jersey Turnpike and they are holding up traffic. ..forget about those 30 mph merge ramps. feels like you are standing still. So you’re just about to honk your horn and mentally tell the driver to go back to Palm Beach or whatever retirement community they belong to..then you see the giant sign: “Student Driver”. You ease off the gas pedal give them a wide berth and think to yourself “How do they let these people on the highway? but I guess they have to learn sometime, better than having them in rush hour traffic.”

See the signs let you know that they are a novice, that they should be avoided, that they are still practicing. Now if real estate agents only came with signs. like:

Brand New: Don’t know the market.
Part time: School teacher looking for extra income.
Pirannah: Number one concern my pocket book.
Saavy Marketer: Poor Customer Service
Sign them up: See you later.

The list goes on and on. I don’t get it. This is a really big purchase or sale and people just take what’s given. Where’s the interview process?

The biggest secret real estate agencies don’t want buyers to know:….. You get to choose your agent. Not whoever is next. Buyers if you want to meet agents, walk into a shop and ask to meet with three agents for 15 minutes each. Learn there style, experience, how the can help you. Good agents don’t mind being interviewed.

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2 Br 238
3+Br 44
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