The Big Nickel

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I play my part and you play your game….. You give realtors a bad name.
There are a lot of honest realtors and some doing parlor tricks. I received an email today about a price reduction on a $600k+ condo. hmm I thought. …let me check what kind of a price reduction we are talking. ….And there it is a big fat $5,000 reduction You read right. I didn’t leave off a zero. FIVE THOUSAND….Not much more than I can get for my Clunker in the driveway. Now if your overpriced (and i mean over priced because it is not selling.) condo is not selling,…. is a $5K (The Big Nickel.) price reduction going to move it? that’s less than a 1% reduction in a land where the average sell to list price is 94%. White noise. a parlor trick really. a ploy to get more buyers to look but not buy your still overpriced condo. ugh.

Do meaningful reductions otherwise we are just killing trees with the extra paperwork it creates.

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