TBSing It.

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So the other day I am excited. My team just made a miraculous comeback in Game 5 and had life in the ALCS. So come the weekend, there I am kids to bed, drink in one hand the remote in the other. I was so jacked up, I thought I might even splurge with my time and watch a little pregame. I turn on TBS, not Fox, not NBC, not ESPN. A big fat nothing. hmmm I thinks to myself. Top of the hour comes, still nothing on TBS except Steve Harvey. (who? I don’t know, I couldn’t explain the show.) Mrs. InsideHobokenRealEstate comments “looks like this channel is stuck in the 80s”. This did not lighten my ever darkening mood. 8:15pm I’ve booted up my computer to get pitch by pitch. Then the scrawl on TBS….technical difficulties, blah,blah ,blah. I thinks maybe Mrs. was right. TBS is using 80s technology. Who is to blame????

Major League Baseball that’s who. They went for the highest price without regard for how TBS was going to cheapen their brand, deliver an inferior product and just look mickey mouse. You’d expect this from the NHL. Yes there is still an NHL, just flip through a bunch of cable stations you’ve never heard of next spring. I am pretty sure you’ll find the Stanley Cup Finals buried there.

What does this have to do with real estate? Only Everything.

Sellers: Don’t TBS it. Going with a discount realtor costs you. Going with the agent that blows sunshine at you at gives in to you over pricing your listing costs you. Taking the highest dollar offer without considering other factors can cost you in this market.

Buyers: Don’t TBS it. Not everything is deeply discounted. There are some real bargains but know them when you see them and don’t try to get 10% off an already discounted property. You just end up with nothing hoping to win the lottery when a great home at a really good price is staring you in the face.

My season is over. I’ll be watching Fox tonight.

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