Stupid Sellers

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I can’t believe the dumb little things that sellers do in this market. It’s really what they don’t do that amazes me. I mean you have 12 months worth of inventory and you can’t get out of your own way.
I’ve had the little things like a dirty dishes left in the sink, grout that is as black as burnt toast, ripped window screens, missing cabinet pulls…. Here’s the latest. I showed a condo at the Sky Club and the key gets stuck in the lock. Fifteen minutes I tried, the client tried, the doorman tried. The key would not come out. Do you think this just happened out of the blue? A solar flare knocked the tumbler out of whack? Could that key have been sticking for days? weeks? months? a squirt of wd40 maybe.

Here’s the point. I know a really good handy man that will come over for $200 and spend 8 hours fixing anything that needs to be fixed. (not a licensed electrician/plumber) In eight hours you can get just about every little thing done. Everything works no surprises. I was at a conference last week and like a speaker said… “a buyer goes into a kitchen and opens the oven, if the 50 cent light bulb is out, the buyer isn’t thinking its’ only 50 cents, he’s thinking I need a new twenty five thousand dollar kitchen.” Bam condo not sold because of a 50 cent light bulb. Think I’m overstating it? How much did it cost for that o-ring that took down a billion dollar space shuttle?

Maybe the seller needed the 50 cents for a meter since there is no deeded parking at the Sky Club.

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