Stop Streching For Your Home

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Don’t buy the bigger house. I bet you’d never thought you’d here a realtor say that. Don’t buy the bigger home if it means sacrificing the ability to leave it. The death of a relative has got me thinking back on my childhood. I can’t tell you whether my grandparents house had granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. And I spent every weekend there for about 15 years.
My point is this. I can remember my uncle Charlie and the fun I had when he came to visit my grandparents. Their house was really small as I think back on it. It just didn’t matter. Everybody had a great time and I don’t’ think anyone would trade up to a bigger house and less frequent visits.

The second scene here….Michael Corleone thinking back to a seminal moment in his life. I wonder how different the movie would have been if he was thinking about the size of the house instead of all of those people who were gone but not forgotten.

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