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As reported in the Hoboken Reporter, there’s a new retail center coming to 13th and Adams. One story, 7 to 11 stores, 50 parking spaces….Let’s see that’s probably one coffee place, one bank, one real estate company, one liquor store, one chinese restaruant, one pizza place, and oh yea one nail salon….because Hoboken doesn’t have enough of all of these. That’s no doctor’s office (just try and find a freaking dermatologist in this town that takes Cigna).

Why has this happened? I guess the parking lot would be filled with people going to the dermatologiast and not buying coffee at 2pm. More stories on the strip mall (where my dermatologist would be), means more parking needed. ugh. Knock knock, most people don’t drive or don’t need to drive to get coffee, pizza, manicures etc. even to go to the doctor. Street parking or the garage on 14th street makes sense… And think of all the money Hoboken could make on the parking tickets, maybe buy another Boot van.

Look at the numbers 404 condos for sale. Only 37% have parking. This is not Maplewood.
I’m sure the residents around the new strip mall are thrilled that there will be a giant empty parking lot at night sitting right in their neighborhood. Shhh. I bet if you listen real close, you can hear the collective groan.

Hoboken Condos 2008
Actives 404
Active w/deeded parking 148
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