Size Does Matter

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Don’t let them tell you “It’s not the size, it’s the location.” Left hand, fourth finger, yes. but then its all about how big it is.
Here’s another story of a shrinking condo. A realtor sold a unit to a client. Never checked the tax records. Client wants to sell the condo. Realtor just puts what the last listing on the condo had for square footage. Buyer comes in agrees to a price. Appraiser measures the unit. Guess what? Not that big. Won’t appraise. Buyer lowers offer. Seller freaks out…..

…Realtor lowers commission to avoid the call from the attorney. But I wonder…Did the reduction in commission equal the loss to the sellers net proceeds? Doubtful. Funny this story and the other shrinking condo both involve the same 800lb gorilla agency. If they are missing the basics, what else are they doing? How has this company lasted decade after decade? Must be some sort of government corporate welfare or good lawyers.

Good thing realtors have to take classes and pass an exam to be licensed, otherwise there might be a bunch of idiots masquerading as professionals in the industry.

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