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Another Look Into Hoboken Real Estate: Short Notice Showings

Sellers: Once you’re home is on the market, it is not yours anymore. Early morning appointment. Got to clean up and be out. Late night appointment. Got to clean up and be out. Half of your stuff is in storage. The other half so neat and put away you wonder if elves have taken over your life.

The long and the short of it. Unless you’ve moved, the showing process is a big pain in the rear.

One thing you do have control over is the showing times. Maybe your kids are in bed at 8pm and you don’t want strangers watching them sleep or worse yet keeping them up. I get that. But don’t make the big mistake….Short Notice Appointments.

Short Notice appointments puts a real strain on a seller. Quick, vacuum the rug, make the bed… You are not some modern day Mary Poppins…..A better idea….Make ’em wait. The common showing instruction in Hoboken real estate is next day. (Now this rule has some flexibility but for the most part appointments are not same day.) Why not be more flexible? Because buyers will wait. There’s no buyer that must see your place on spur of the moment and is going to buy it. If they know the market that well they can wait a day. If they don’t know the market well enough to place an immediate offer, they will be back looking anyway. Your home is not some tourist stop. (again there are exceptions…and in these cases an agent will call your agent and see if they can get in short notice. Your agent calls you and gives some info on the buyer. You make the call.)

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Another Look Into Hoboken Real Estate: Short Notice Showings

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