Shop Worn: This Week in Hoboken Real Estate

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This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: July5-july 13

Shop Worn: Hoboken Real estate is like going to Macy’s the first week in January. The holiday sales are over. The holiday gifts were bought. Items exchanges. Gift cards issued. You look around and it’s just retreads until the spring collection comes out… Here we are. Not much exciting to hit the market. A few good properties come and go under contract qucikly and everything else just sits…

40 New Condos to The Hoboken Real Estate Market
28 Price Changes
9 Under Contract
25 Sold Hoboken Properties

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: if you click on the links in the speadsheet, it opens a page with more info about the property. If you want to see additional pictures, you must register. I didn’t make the system.

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This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: July 5-13

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