Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

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Sellers: Stop Drunk Dialing.
Ever wake up in the morning and regret the night before? Sellers do all the time but not with the quick rebuke from a friend’s spouse who is woken up at three in the morning to “Dude, this place is crazy. Bob is dancing on the bar in a wig”. It usually takes sellers weeks or months.

The lamenting: ” I can’t believe I didn’t take that first offer when the place came on the market. I’m below that number now. I’m looking at carrying costs. Why didn’t I listen to my agent??? Ohhhh, the pain”.

In this market, the old axiom is never truer: Sometimes, the first offer is the best offer….I have the tales, the proof, the price reductions.

40 Days and Nights: Hoboken is not underwater (just some parts), but sellers who fool themselves into waiting may wish they listened to Noah.

Hoboken Condos 2007
Listings in the last 40 days. (listed 11/1/07 through 12/10/07)
New Actives 119
Sold and Under Contract 15
information deemed reliable

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