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Craigslist and other online sites are great places to start your real estate search. Once you’ve established an understanding of the market and your needs and wants, the best place to go is to your realtor.

Most of the Craigslist postings my clients send me are units that I have already sent them from the MLS. Sometimes the Craigslist posting is sexier and draws them in. It’s all good. When someone is seriously searching, no stone should be unturned. However, your realtor usually has answers as to the status of the property and other useful info you won’t get in the ad.

Here’s one that recently stumped me. A client sent me a Craigslist posting from a for sale by owner for $515k that is currently listed with the MLS for $548k. This situation presents real opportunity for the buyer. The seller will have to pay commission if my client chooses to buy it and the seller has given away his price. The selling agent on the other hand may be the bigger fool.

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Number Offices Greater than Seventy: 4
Number Offices Under Ten: 43
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