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A Good Quarterback

If you’re buying a home in Hoboken or anytown USA, there are several professionals you’re going to need.

Realtor, Mortgage Rep, Attorney, Home Inspector, Bug Inspector, Building Engineer, and Contractor are at the top of this list. Where do you find qualified, competent, trustworthy people to help you?

Start with the Realtor. A good realtor will have worked with a number or qualified proefessionals in each of these disciplines. A good realtor can recommend the folks that you can interview. Here’s the positives of taking a realtor’s recommendations over those of a friend.
1. Realtors work with these professionals on an on going basis and do not make a recommendation of a one time experience but rather over many experiences.
2. If you don’t think a realtor’s reccomendation is a good fit, you can still look them in the eye and not feel as if you’ve betratyed a friend.
3. Realtors who have a prior realtionship with needed service provider are better able to quarterback the deal process and take the stress of of the client.

One Man Band:

Your realtor may look like a one man bad, but don’t be fooled.

Hoboken Condos 2007

The November Numbers

3 Bedroom Condos

New Actives 11

Sold and Under Contract 0

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