Rob Me Again. Please.

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What’s worse than having your keys obtained by persons of ill repute? How about letting them right in the front door without a key?

Sellers: Everytime you have an open house, it is advertised in the paper and on the internet. With pictures of your stuff no less. Now I m not suggesting that a theif will come in and rip down your plasma but if you have nice stuff, there is a good chance you have other small valuables that can be put in a gym bag.

How do you prevent Bob Smith from Bloomfield from pilfering your Ipod? First hide everything. Second. (And realtors are going to hate me for this one.) Have your realtor provide a portable copy machine to make copies of drivers licences of all people coming to the open house. This is a great deterrent.

In a world where you have to show ID to buy cough medicine, shouldn’t you require the same from strangers walking through your home?

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