Return Of The Jedi

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I must digress from the real estate market and the great choices that buyers have in today’s market. With 162 one bedrooms and 312 two bedrooms available, there’s something for everyone.
But on to more good news. Every once in awhile, life imitates the movies…where the good guys win against seemingly impossible odds. Luke Sky Walker, Froto Bagans, Pluto Nash and the like.

Well it’s happened here in Hoboken. Those Cycloptic parking meters out of an Orwellian future have been removed. I am parked at a spot once occupied by those nefarious machines. Score one for the little guy.

Of course, this could just be the precursor to something much much worse and completely unimaginable… think Alien,or the last SuperBowl (if your a Patriots fan). Remember the saying about the Devil you know.

Hoboken Condos 2008
1 Br 162
2 Br 312
3 Br 47
4 Br 4
5 Br 1
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