Real Estate and Olympic Ice Skating

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Real Estate and Olympic Ice Skating:

Every four years I get sucked in. And every four years I swear it won’t happen again. I mean love bobsledding or a I loved bobsledding until I actually took a run down the ice chute in Park City. A near death experience. I have a newfound respect for them but can’t help but feel a twinge in my back every time I see the sled. I was in Lake Placid recently where they has a sled on the sidewalk. I crossed the street like a guy who saw an ex girlfriend down the street on a collision path. Note to everyone who actually has been on the Lake Placid bobsled run and had a great time and thinks I might just be a little weak: The Lake Placid bobsled is the equivalent of a Disneyland ride. I’m surprised that Tinkerbelle isn’t at the bottom selling t-shirts.

I found out last night that the governing body of bobsledding calls itself the Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing . Bob sleigh and toboggans . I guess still cool enough to watch, especially when they super impose the runs on each competitor and you can see the difference .

What really ticks me off, and maybe because I am watching at midnight I am extra ticked, is the figure skating. (A red-sox Yankees playoff game circa 2004 is a whole different animal.) Major League Baseball is getting killed for starting their games at 8pm and here comes figure skating on from 10pm to midnight. What about little Bobby and Janey who want to see the outfits and the stuffed animals being thrown on the ice to grown men? East coast Bob and Janey are going to grow up to be snowboarders.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. I’ve been watching these figure skaters every four years for the past three decades and they are exactly like when I was a kid. Well not exactly but I will get to that in a minute. Hockey has had a glowing puck, football first down marker lines, basketball a three point line and a shot clock on screen, and cur-sed baseball a strike zone box. So here I watch life sized figure skaters on my grossly oversized HDTV. I can see every blade mark in the ice for goodness sake. What I can’t get is any kind of understanding as to how it is scored. Did he land a perfect jump or was it just slightly better than if he face planted. (Why is it that I feel a twinge of excitement when a skier crashes and takes out two or the gates but I can’t bear to watch as a triple sal cow goes awry and Franz lands on his buttocks.) In this regard, figure skating and real estate go hand in hand.

Hide the information. Like Olympic figure skating judges, real estate agents are afraid that if they let the information out so the public can see, it will marginalize their necessity. I argue that it is quite the opposite. The world is sick of the Russian judge creating fictitious deductions on NATO countries. The world is sick of real estate agents not showing the real information to clients… list to sale ratios, price histories, real analysis. So the viewer is left with Scott Hamilton’s grunts and groans. Sometimes I feel like it Olympic coverage with Richard Simmons. What is going on here? Back in the 70s this would have been considered indecent. My TV is the size of a small car. Is there no room on the screen for a telestrator, a graphic that shows a perfect move and deductions, an explanation of a triple axel or a loop toe something or other, a lineup of the tricks that each performer has in his routine. It’s like watching a State Of The Union Address. Every Commentator is commenting on it before it happens. They’ve read the script and share snippets with the gullible masses. Granted real estate has made some head way from the days of the MLS books, but not much. There is a whole new level out there. Real time data, real time analysis. Why are so few agents embracing it?

Iwonder who gets there first? My bet is on real estate. Pardon me, I have to fix the rabbit ears to tune into tonight’s action? Which UHF station is it on again?

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