Picking A Candidate

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Picking a candidate is a lot like picking a home. Here’s my take from Saturday’s Democratic Debate: If the democrats were houses here’s how the search would shape up.

A buyer wants a two bed/two bath 1200 sqft Hoboken condos. The choices are…

Old World Charm: Hillary Clinton
A tried and true unit. The safe play. Renovated kitchen and bath. This is just like the place you grew up in. The problem is its just like the place you grew up in. The
baths are in the same place, the bedrooms are in the same place, the outlets are in the same place. You are reliving your parent’s lives, just updated.

Perfect But Small: Bill Richrdson
Everything on the wish list, except, where’s the other bedroom and bath? (read leadership and presidential qualities.) Why are you showing my this 800 sqft one bedroom?

New Construction: Barak Obama
The new construction feel and smell. Excitement and the Unknown. Only time will tell how the building holds up in four years.

Questionable Investment: John Edwards
The not for everyone place. Absolutely perfect for some but most shy away because of the limited market for resale. It’s the old world charm building with the new architecture that doesn’t blend.

My prediction: Buyers love new construction.

Hoboken Condos 2007:
4th quarter numbers
sold 182
Avg sale price $523k
Avg Dom 60
information deemed reliable

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