Penny Pinching

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In a sign that of the times, poorly run real estate offices are cutting back on services. It starts with things the customer can’t see or might not notice right away and then creeps into every aspect of the service. (Like airlines taking away your pillow and blanket, next the magazines, then the snacks, then it’s $7 for a beer and I’m not even flying over Yankee Stadium.)

Big 300lb gorilla realty with deep corporate pockets, not some mom and pop or sole proprietor franchise, is cutting back on staff. Get this: they are cutting out the weekend person. Any idea when the office is most busy? If you said weekends, just let me call you clairvoyant. So in the infinite wisdom of 300lb gorilla realty, agents will be handing out keys and making appointments for listings. Agents who have no real interest in getting it right, no accountability, and as I have described before.. no real system. This is the same realty that I have previously described as having piles of keys on the desk to sift through for each appointment. That was with one person handling the keys and sort of remembering where most things were. Now dozens of hands, dozens of keys.

Sellers take note. If you start wondering why there are fewer appointments. Why realtors aren’t showing up? Call the front desk. But don’t do it on the weekend, there won’t be anyone there to help you…unless you want to buy a condo.

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