Parking Trickery

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And the latest installment of parking trickeration from Ali Roberts and the Nine thieves….

Last week it was Veteran’s Day on Tuesday. You probably noticed when there was no mail in your box. Well, in Hoboken Veteran’s Day came early. Monday. I found out when a long time Hoboken resident and friend called me to let me know there would be no street cleaning and no meter patrols!!! Christmas come early. Except there was no notice. I went to to find out if it were true. Nothing. Hoboken411 had the fact right but no one was sure if meters were in effect. So there you have quarter after quarter being pumped in…..As Alanis Morissette sings…”It’s a free ride after you’ve already paid.” ugh.

To make matters worse, the cooling weather must be playing havoc with the batteries in the meters. Put a quarter in and it goes dumb until a minute passes than it will accept another quarter. Walk away and the meter boy or girl will get you.

Who says a parking is overrated? Show your face.

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