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HVAC, that is. swimming pools and movie stars. That’s all I can figure out from my experience with trying to get an HVAC installation. Here’s the story. (See the contractor clowns post of 1/1/09 for background. )

I first tried Service Magic for an HVAC contractor. I’ve used them to get other contractors before with decent results. … I get the three names. The highest rated calls and never shows. Number Two calls, calls back a day after his scheduled appointment and can’t remember when it was. Number Three calls, shows up says he’ll send an estimate, calls two weeks later to see if I still want the estimate, then shows up at my door at 8am one morning a month after that with an estimate that looks like he put it together is less than a minute while sitting in front of my house.

And as the late Paul Harvey used to say… Here’s the rest of the story….

So you can imagine that I wouldn’t use these first three guys if they promised to do it for free…. So being a realtor I get three recommendations from people in my office…

Number 4: I call him. He says he will call back in the evening. Doesn’t. I call two days later. He tells me he is on a job out of town and that I should call back in them middle of next week because he will forget again!!!!

Number 5: Recommended by a home inspector. The office makes the appointment for between 12 and 4 on a Tuesday. (I guess they think they are the cable company.) At 4:30 the guy calls me to tell me he is running late. (Maybe they are the cable company.) I reschedule for the next week. He shows up, spends five minutes, informs me that his company just does the hvac but not the electrical or plumbing, and he will send me a quote the next day. Still waiting on the quote.

Number 6: I sent in an email request on a Friday night. The rep calls Sunday to make an appointment for the next week. The appointment was for 1pm. The office calls at 12:45 to let me know the rep would be a few minutes late. The rep is the owner of the company. He spends a couple of hours answering my questions, measuring rooms, drawing diagrams, providing written information about the company and service guarantees and giving me a detailed quote. Not an estimate. His price is about 30% more than the clowns.

#6 also tells me that HVAC is the second most popular trade taught in prison. (all making sense now) Which guy am I going with? that’s right. The guy who will save me money in the end.

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