Open Houses: Find A House. Find A Realtor

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As 2007 closes its doors to us, a moment to rant and rave. I hosted an open house yesterday for three hours. I had one person and a realtor come through. The realtor came 45 minutes before the end and said to me “I usually pack up and go home if its not busy.”

Now if I’m hosting an open house, I have to put an ad in the paper, place ads online, do market comps, fill balloons, print flyers, get open house signs, put open house signs on the street. get other collateral, etc. I spend several hours preparing to service both my seller and the potential buyers. Why would I advertise that my store is open ad then close early.

Buyer/Seller Alert: Check the open house, if an agent is closing early stay away. How committed to their job are they? How committed to you are they?
Here’s to a great 2008.

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