Open Houses Are A Waste Of A Buyers Time

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Unless you are shopping for an agent. Let’s face it, buyers going to open houses aren’t really shopping for a home, they are out to kick the tires on the market. It’s like going to a used car lot after hours and looking at the stickers. You mainly want to see what you can get for your money, not because your really ready to buy.

Buyers. Please go to a lot of open houses. Meet agents, ask them about the market, about specific needs you may have. Did the agent give you good info? Did the agent give you something of value? Maybe a map or a list of other open houses? Did the agent follow-up with you within 24 hours?

When you are ready to earnestly shop for a home, you can choose from agents you’ve met and have confidence will provide you with quality service.

Back in the day I started shopping for my first home, I stopped in an open house in Montclair. The agent treated me like a bug. Ignoring me and shooing me out the door as fast as possible to spend time with other buyers. Do you think I will ever recommend her or her agency?

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