Of Ruthian Proportions

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Farewell to Yankee Stadium. I’ve talked to many Yankee Fans in the past week about the old (post 1973) ballpark. They love it. They love the memories. I, myself, a proud member of Red Sox nation, have a special Yankee Stadium memory.

Summer of 1978: I was ten years old and visiting my great grandmother who lived in Queens. She was a big Mets fan. But the Mets weren’t in town so my dad and Big Gran (not to be confused with Gran who is my grandmother) set off to see some baseball in the Bronx. Before the explosion of the upper deck in Fenway Park, the true premium seats were in what was called the rooftop. Although at the tender age of ten, I had seen many a game at Fenway, I had never sat upstairs, but always wanted to. I guess my dad never realized, because here we were going to a stadium with thousands and thousands of empty seats in the upper deck and he buys field level seats. (At the ticket window!) I saw Ron Guidry dominate in a three hitter. On the way back to Queens, the subway loses power for a long time. We ended up taking a cab home.

So even I understand. EXCEPT. Yankee Stadium is a dump. Imagine an historic brownstone that gets gutted and replaced with characterless concrete. Now you can have many special memories of growing up in an office building… Holidays, special times shared with friends and loved ones. But when a buyer comes through, all they see is a concrete box. (In the case of Yankees Stadium, one with a lousy sound system, poor restroom facilities, and no amenities.) The art is great (monument park) but it will look just as good in a new home. For the life of me, I can’t understand an owner that would want to rebuild that brownstone next door in a decrepit neighborhood, when the warm of the New jersey suburbs are serenading.

Life moves on. Things changes. Celebrate it, but don’t over value it.

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