No Parking. No Sale.

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…Back to the old Fram oil filter commercial with the tag line “you can pay me now, or pay me later”? As a kid, I never really got that. As a home owner, I definitely get it. … A few dollars today can save a whole lot tomorrow. Well here the old axiom is rearing its ugly head in the form of parking.
There are 365 two or three bedroom condos on the market. 212 of them don’t have deeded parking. ooops. Now if you’re on Bloomfield or Garden street, no big deal. But there are ten on Monroe and four on Madison. Oh that’s tough. The price is really going to have to be good to make someone take it. I can understand the person who bought a place with no parking in the building. It is what it is. They got a good deal. It’s the condo owners who passed on the parking as part of the new construction that get me. You are the Steve Bartman of Hoboken now. If it cost $30k more for the spot when buying, you’re going to have to knock double that off to get it sold without.

So these owners are part of the “Pay Me Later” crowd.

Hoboken Real Estate
2 BR+ Condos
No Deeded Parking
Available 212
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