No Lunch For You

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One of a long list of perks about being an agent, is the never ending free lunches that we can have. Now I’m not saying that this equates in any way shape or form with going all expenses paid to the Superbowl where I met Joe Montana on a vendors dime, but on a daily basis it’s not too bad.

How do I eat so well? Clearly clients are not calling me up and wanting to take me to lunch everyday. (A shout out to Chris V for dinner last night.) It’s other realtors. When a realtor has a new listing, they hold a broker open house to let us preview the property. Most of the time they serve a lunch. Seems these days, agents are cutting back. Now it’s a raffle for a restaurant gift certificate or some such thing. I never win. I’m bitter you say.

No. here’s the thing. If your realtor is cutting back on their marketing services shouldn’t sellers know about it. Realtors are cheap. They like free lunch. They show up to get the lunch and sometimes find a gem to sell to a client. I did today. Bait and switch.

Hoboken Condos 2008
2bed/2 BAth, 1300+ sqft
Available 130
Under Contract 40
Sold Since June 1 47
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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