Moving From Hoboken To…Elizabeth?

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Walking down the street this morning I noticed prominently displayed in the front window of “Magoo” Realty, a flyer for condos in Elizabeth. That’s right Elizabeth, New Jersey. The town that puts the Garden in Garden State. Now, I guess that some mom and pop’s don’t have enough listings and thus litter the window space with out of town and out of county listings. But Magoo is big enough to have it’s windows filled.

I think it is a mistake for sellers of out of town properties to want to have their flyers in the window, whether the property in North Bergen or Elizabeth. Firstly, it mixes the office message and image of serving the local community. Second, the trickle down effect are fewer walkins, thus fewer sales, thus fewer company ad dollars to spend on targeting out of town buyers in ways that best promote and out of town property. The exception is adjacent towns that are similar (i.e. downtown Jersey City) or where overflow is likely to occur (i.e. Jersey City Heights). Realistically, owners of out of town properties should be considering an overall marketing plan by an agency and analyze the likelihood of success. While it is possible for an Elizabeth Buyer to walk in front of a window in Hoboken, it is also possible that Obama will make an off color remark and the superdelegates will run to Hillary. Possible, in the scope of the universe, but not probable.

There in my mailbox this morning was a nice color mailer from Magoo, telling me about the properties in Elizabeth. In the history of wasted postage and printing costs, this comes close to the mailings I used to get from AARP when I was in my twenties. I can somewhat excuse AARP. They probably thought that since I didn’t have a job, I must have been retired.

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