Metrostop Update

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Spoke with the developer of the Metrostop project at 800 Jackson yesterday. Here are the updates:

The project is on schedule to be completed early this summer.

Retail tenants to be named soon.

Metrostop will be offering a new “concierge” service to its residents and some of these services will also be available to the neighborhood. Not exactly sure of all the details but it was described as a service for those folks who don’t want to spend their free time running errands . (One example is a service by which your car will be washed and put back in its place the same day while you are at work.) Pretty cool. Looking forward to having some of these high end amenities like they are offering through the Metrohomes‘ Trump building in Jersey City.

For those buyers hoping to see The Metrostop units before completion…. Faggetaboutit. Hoboken is not allowing any nonconstruction personnel in before the TCO. Maybe someone from Metrohomes can go up there with a handicam and make a virtual tour?

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