McSwiggins: Lessons and Opportunities

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You can still smell the burned out carcass of the building, that housed McSwiggins, all the way across Washington St. A tragedy but also a chance to take away an important lesson.

Renters: Buy Insurance. Do it today. You don’t have to live on top of a bar to have a problem. The fire doesn’t have to gut the building for you to have a problem. It’s not the fire, its the water and smoke that get your stuff. First day in fireman school the firefighter is taught to douse the building with water until all of the furniture floats away.

Now if your neighbor two flights up has a little fire in window AC unit, the fireman will come and pour enough water on it that your neighbor’s furniture floats into the hall. Rightfully so, since that’s their job. But that water then makes like the mighty Mississippi to your unit. Right through the ceiling. Renter’s insurance is cheap. Do it today.

Buyer Alert: Check back here for New Condos probably coming soon to the corner of First and Bloomfield.

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