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I don’t want to sound like I’m venting, so I’ll cloak my rant in a veil of seller advocacy.

Sellers. Before you list. Please check out the back office of the realty. Hours of operation, how they make appointments, how they track keys, how many copies of the keys do they have.

See there’s a poor seller on 2nd street that did not get their condo seen by my client last night because of the incompetence of a mom and pop realty, I’ll call it “Magoo Realty”. Magoo Realty likes to talk about their multiple offices but instead of having keys for agents that want to sell their clients listings, they must be too busy touting their multiple Hoboken locations.

Possible reasons for Magoo Realty only keeping one set of keys.
1) Too cheap to make multiple sets
2) Want to “lose” the keys so your agents are the only ones to see it.
3) Back office incapable of handling/tracking multiple sets.
4) Not planning on having multiple back to back showings.

It’s not the first time, I’ve made an appointment with Magoo Realty only to show up and find out the keys are not there and the agent who took them last doesn’t know where they are.

Sellers. This is costing you money and you don’t even know it…Don’t be those poor owners on 2nd St.

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