Lovely Rita

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Boot City, USA. Transpiring events this morning have given me keen insight on just how much Hoboken is hurting for revenue and why your taxes are going up.
I’m driving down 7th St crossing Park Ave at 8:07 this morning. (John Montone from 1010wins told me it was 8:07 and I have no reason to think he was lying. He is usually pretty good with the time….pretty good with the temperature too.) So here it is 8:07 and there is Lovely Rita writing in the little white book. Actually someone was parked on the permit side of the street. I’m guessing that someone has a boot in their foreseeable future. BAM. Budget short fall elimnated one boot at a time.
I wonder what time Rita is starting these days. To be all the way to 7th and Park by 8:07? And I’m sure it wasn’t her first booting of the day.

Think this is a random act? Later today I’m getting ready to park in a space the street sweeper has just vacated and I have to wait for the Hoboken police car to move or be ticketed as well. Now I’m not sure how the internal accounting works with a ticket on a cop car but it was pretty clear that Hoboken’s Finest was about to feel Rita’s wrath just like we commoners.

I can’t help but think if John and Paul grew up in Hoboken, “Lovely Rita” might have been called “Here Comes The Sun” Or “Taxman”.

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